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Our Promise to You

At the core of RAD Dental is our passion to provide our clients and their patients with the highest standard of dental appliances, both esthetically and functionally

We believe that the key to exceptional results are excellent communication between patient, dentist and laboratory.

We aim to develop a close relationship with each of our clients so that we may understand their aims and deliver their desired goals predictably.

In our mission to achieve this goal we will:

Provide our clients with an efficient and professional laboratory service 

Never compromise on quality

Execute orders within our time limits, every time

Update our own skills and knowledge continuously  to meet the highest standards



We are your experts


New impression of approved provisional restorations

New impression of opposing arch

Facebow record of upper arch. For upper restorations a face bow record of provisional restorations (not the preparations). It is best to face bow mount the upper model at the dental office, this avoids possible distortion during shipping.

CR and MI bites of upper/lower provisional restorations against upper/lower opposing teeth.

CR and MI bites of upper/lower posterior preparations, one side at a time with anterior provisional restorations in place, we will use this bite to mount the working model against the opposing model, in CR at the correct OVD 

Complete series of photographs of provisional restorations without retractors.For lower anterior restoration, you should include a photo of the teeth apart, showing the lower incisal plane.

Master impression of preparations with a custom tray. With lower restoration, if lower anterior teeth are out of occlusion in MI, we recommend the every other tooth technique(see Dr. Dawson's book; Functional Occlusion : From TMJ to Smile Design)

Mounted models of original teeth to be used as reference for surface morphology.

Detailed instructions for shading, including photos with 3 closest shade tabs, next to each other incisal to incisal. Please also include photos of the preps.

Detailed written instructions with description of work clearly marked on prescription


Download your prescription here