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Our Promise to You

At the core of RAD Dental is our passion to provide our clients and their patients with the highest standard of dental appliances, both esthetically and functionally

We believe that the key to exceptional results are excellent communication between patient, dentist and laboratory.

We aim to develop a close relationship with each of our clients so that we may understand their aims and deliver their desired goals predictably.

In our mission to achieve this goal we will:

Provide our clients with an efficient and professional laboratory service 

Never compromise on quality

Execute orders within our time limits, every time

Update our own skills and knowledge continuously  to meet the highest standards



We are your experts

Service Levels

At RAD we take our mission statement seriously. In order for us to deliver as we promise we decided that we will diarize your work as it is booked by phone or email from your office or as it comes through our door. In this way we are able to work to a constant load which will help us be true marksmen in our field. We will contact your clinic on the day we receive the work and provide a return date. 


Custom Shading

For the moment we do in-office custom shading, and will travel to your office. We also do custom shading at our laboratory in Dieppe, We will have a location in Saint John and Fredericton by January 2023. Our custom shading pricing is done at a standard rate for the taking of the colour and one adjustment session, we charge hourly after the first attempt. We endeavour to achieve good results the first time around.


Denture Repairs

If you wish, we offer denture repairs as an overnight service to our clients which affords your patients the dignity they deserve, in this way they do not have to spend their day without their denture. For the simpler repairs your patients are also welcome to bring their repair to the lab for us to deal with it on your behalf. 


Crown and Bridge

We offer crown and bridge services with PFM, Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate as well as Felspathic Veneers. We also offer a turnkey digital service.

Our diagnostic wax-ups will be done digitally, approved by yourself through a 3d viewer on your phone or iPad after which we will print the diagnostic. It happens now and again that this is impossible at which time we will let you know and do the diagnostics by hand.



We are doing our prosthetics with what we call hybrid tech, which means we use a combination of old school and modern technology in order to give you the best results you could hope for.

Appointment OneTraditional first impression

Appointment TwoBite is done with traditional bite block after which the lab will do the Scans and the digital set-up for your approval, if needed the required adjustments are made and approved at which time the lab will print the approved set-up.

Appointment ThreeTry in print - re-line impression in printed denture - We will cast new models, copy the printed denture with a 5 axis milled high impact base in which traditional denture teeth are processed.

Appointment FourFit Denture

Where patients have existing dentures appointments one and two could be combined and a reline impression of the printed denture would not be required. However the patient would have to be without his or her denture for a few hours.


"Cast" Partials

Our Cast partials are designed digitally and printed, the acrylic work on the partials are done by hand


Hybrid Full Arch Restoration

We manufacture multiple kinds of hybrid full arch restorations, including but not limited to; Acrylic on bars of different designs, Zirconia arches and PEKK with Separately bonded Emax crowns and composite gum work. Please contact me in order for us to discuss options.



We are experienced with most implant systems on the market today and can provide you with any restoration available. Our "Out of the box" thinking comes natural and we will find solutions to complex situations. Whether it be a simple screw retained single restoration, a complex friction fit bridge or a screw retained solution with palatal screws, we can help. WE USE ORIGINAL COMPONENTS by default, unless after market components are requested by the restoring dentist.


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