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Our Promise to You

At the core of RAD Dental is our passion to provide our clients and their patients with the highest standard of dental appliances, both esthetically and functionally

We believe that the key to exceptional results are excellent communication between patient, dentist and laboratory.

We aim to develop a close relationship with each of our clients so that we may understand their aims and deliver their desired goals predictably.

In our mission to achieve this goal we will:

Provide our clients with an efficient and professional laboratory service 

Never compromise on quality

Execute orders within our time limits, every time

Update our own skills and knowledge continuously  to meet the highest standards



We are your experts

 Tips and Tricks

The complete series of photographs are needed to evaluate the occlusal plane, anterior to posterior progression, mid line, smile line and overall aesthetics before starting with the case

Always take photos with the patient sitting in the upright position, with their body perpendicular to the floor and their heads upright

Take your pictures the same way every time

Use the same set of settings for full face photos every time

Use the same set of settings for photos with and without retractors and occlusal photos every time

Five different sets of photos are needed. Full face, retracted smile, smile without retractors, upper occlusal, lower occlusal

Full face; Frontal smile, side view (closed mouth), side view (open mouth), frontal retracted

Smile (not retracted); Front, left, right, tipped down, profile and "E" position

Smile (retracted);Front together, left together, right together, front apart, left apart, right apart

Upper occlusal and lower occlusal

Focus with your body and not with the lens, fix the shutter speed, set your camera to a large aperture

Use a quality digital camera, with macro lens, side twin flashes, intra oral photographic mirrors, lip/cheek retractors 

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