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At the core of RAD Dental is our passion to provide our clients and their patients with the highest standard of dental appliances, both esthetically and functionally

We believe that the key to exceptional results are excellent communication between patient, dentist and laboratory.

We aim to develop a close relationship with each of our clients so that we may understand their aims and deliver their desired goals predictably.

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There are 5 different styles of margin preparations that can be prepped by dentists, there are limitations with each of these different styles.

These styles will affect the results of the crowns directly.

The styles are (a) Knife edge, (b) Bevel, (c) Chamfer, (d) Butt Edge, (e) bevelled Butt Edge

We prefer to work with a flat right angled "butt-edge", as the best fit and aesthetics can be achieved in this manner.

It is important to prepare the shoulder through the inter proximal embrasure area, the shoulder should be two thirds of the tooth to ensure good porcelain aesthetics, failure to do this will cause considerable frustration and disappointment as the porcelain margins transition into Zirconia will be in the visible area of the tooth.

The stairstep effect on the medial and distal edge of the shoulder should be smoothed off.

There is often a thin fragile lip on the edge of the preparation, this lip will easily fracture. Smooth the lip with a flat end diamond prior to the impression being taken.

When preparing a case with aesthetic demands it is important to place the margin approximately 1mm subgingivally, this will allow for a proper emergence profile.

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